WiQo PRX- T33
No-Needles Biorevitalisation. Combines the effects of H2O and high concentration of TCA for an effective dermal simulation.



  • Loss of firmness of skin on face, body, hands & chest
  • Firming of skin on breast
  • Depressed scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Adjuvant in the treatment of melasma and cutaneous hyperpigmentation


Synergistic Synergistic effect whose results are significantly better than two separate treatments for greater dermal stimulation
Mild Pain The edema produced by PRX-T33 attenuates the pain of the subsequent injections and reduces the formation of ecchymosis.
Immediate Hydration PRX-T33 provides deep and immediate hydration, which stretched the skin producing a mild peel effect that whitens it and makes it radiant
Patient Satisfaction Patients are immediately satisfied, even before they realize the effect of fibroblast stimulation, which requires about twenty days to be visible.
Safe for any age It is indicated for both sexes, all seasons, all ages (even children in the event of outcome of chickenpox)
No downtime No downtime: patients don’t need to put their social lives or everyday activities on hold.