Easyvein allows easy and secure vascular accesses in any context.



  • Venous detection aid in difficult patients
  • Assistance for needles for blood sampling or infusions.
  • Assistance for venous catheters.




Transportable Ergonomic and compact, & High transportability
LED Screen Viewer with 7” high contrast LCD monitor
Reduces Risks Reduces the infection hazard, maximizing the economic benefit either in hospitals and in private structures
Efficient Permits to verify the efficacy of the venous access operations
Success Increases the probability of success of the first insertion & reduces the operation time, especially in difficult cases
Adjustable Pantograph arm support can be inserted either in a table clamp or in a 5 wheels support
Autofocus No control or adjustment during use, integrated autofocus




1. 5 Wheels Stand

2. Articulated Arm with Battery

3. Contrast Enhancer Pad