SYNCHRO REPLA:Y (Alex + Nd:YaG 1.7/2.4.2/3.4)

(Alex + Nd:YaG 1.7/2.4.2/3.4)


The fastest and most powerful alexandrite laser in the world: 5 Hz with moveo technology and


A New alexandrite laser concept all the advantages without limitations!





Hair Removal

Vascular Treatments

Benign Pigmented Lesions

Non-Ablative Skin


Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB)




Nd:YAG Short Pulse – 1064nm

Alexandrite – 755nm

Nd:YAG Long Pulse – 1064nm

Pulsed Light




5 Hz: The most powerful Alexandrite laser source worldwide is today even faster with the innovative Moveo Technology! Moreover, in traditional hair removal mode the incredible repetition rate arrives up to 3 Hz while standard is still 2 Hz! Speedier for faster treatments.

125 W: More power for the Alexandrite laser to reach higher fluencies with new repetition rates up to 3 Hz! At least 25% more powerful than any other system on the market!

180 W: More power also for the new Nd:YAG laser source, 40% more than any other systems on the market!

24 mm: The largest spot size in the world for Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers.

12+1: One of the largest spot sizes for Alexandrite.

4: Choose up to twelve hand pieces on board for the laser sources (customized selection) besides the Moveo hand piece: the newest DEKA proprietary technology for even faster hair removal treatment.

1: Different types of source available: Alexandrite laser; Nd:YAG Long Pulse (Standard Mode Emission) laser; Nd:YAG Short Pulse (High Peak Mode of emission) laser; FT pulsed light with 10 interchangeable filters.

Over 300: Protocols for dermatology and aesthetic surgery.

Cooling: Choose between the contact skin cooling system integrated in the laser and pulsed light hand pieces and the external cool-air generator with laser hand piece adapter