Co2 and Radiofrequency: Combined Action, Total Rejuvenation


CO2 and RF: Valuable Synergies for Skin Rejuvenation Unique, Versatile, Multidisciplinary DEKA Intelligent Technologies: Experts from the Start





DOT/RF Therapy

DOT Therapy

Periocular Lifting

Dermatological Surgery

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery



CO2 – 10600nm 40W

Diode CW/PW – 980nm

Radio Frequency




HiScan DOT/RF The first scanning system that integrates a CO2 fractional laser with bipolar RF energy source.

SmartStack Levels, the function that controls the vaporization depth in the skin and the heat action produced by each laser pulse.

Smart Track Exclusive randomized fractional scanning algorithm to minimize local temperature increases.

5 Scanning figures adjustable in size and height/width ratio.

More than 2,000,000 Combinations settings available.

PSD® Technology The first RF CO2 laser system with the exclusive Pulse Shape Design technology. It enables the maximum flexibility of the pulse shape: S-pulse, D-pulse, H-pulse, U-pulse and the CW mode, greatly expand the surgical capabilities of the SmartXide2 making it an effective, versatile and powerful system.

Database Integrated protocols designed for Aesthetic Dermatology and other applications (as Gynecology, V2LR, ENT and Dentistry).

Multimedia Integrated photo and video tutorial.