Re[Cover] Complexion Spf50 High Coverage Corrective Foundation 7.5 G



Proven Efficacy

  • 100% The product covers, soothes and protects
  • 87,5% Good coverage of Imperfections, redness and bruises
  • 87,5% Patients would use Re[Cover] complexion daily and would purchase It.

Redness decrease and soothing effect from the application


Skin Concerns

  • Post act marks, bruises, redness, irritation marks
  • Skin and complexion imperfections: spots, redness, dark circles, scars, etc.





Apply with the sponge, dab lightly onto imperfections and areas that need correcting. The 3 different shades available can be blended to match your skin tone.


Pre/Post Aesthetic Procedures Recommendations

Ideal to be advised right after an aesthetic procedure and the following days, to suits specific skin’s soothing, hydration and protection needs, and to cover possible marks.

  • In-Vivo test and use test carried out on 16 volunteers during 7 days by an independent laboratory.