The New Era of Hair Removal.
The Missing Solution!

A New alexandrite laser concept. All the advantages
without limitations!



  • Hair Removal
  • Pigmented Lesions



  • Alexandrite – 755nm




Cooling The Moveo hand piece has a built-in skin contact cooling system. The sapphire tip is cooled to 15C for maximum patient comfort.
755 nm Wavelength universally recognized as the most effective for hair removal.
All Skin Types Designed to work with all skin types from 1 – 6
4 Concepts Moveo is an innovative idea based on 4 fundamental concepts: • Effectiveness • Speed • Simplicity • Safety
20 mm One of the largest spot sizes for Alexandrite.
16 A The Motus AX’s electrical supply is limited to 16 A. The system can be plugged into any common electrical outlet in a clinic or doctor’s office.
Over 200 Integrated protocols developed for Moveo Technology and standard hand pieces. Compact size, intuitive software, lightweight and ergonomic hand piece with contact cooling, and the entire Moveo method itself.
The Perfect Solution The Perfect Solution to overcome the current challenges in the hair removal industry. 1. Pain Free Treatment 2. Excellent results with Thin and Blonde Hair. 3. Simplicity of work 4. Patient Safety
Great Benefits A rapid return on investment and a total patient satisfaction will increase your business!